Skin and Dry Skin Moisturizers

Facial Moisturizer and Natural Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin, Dry Skin, Acne Treatment.

Starflower skin moisturizers are formulated to balance and moisturize every skin type. They have sun-protection properties and essential oils to stimulate the skin’s natural functions. Antioxidants and Vitamin E slow down oxygenation and free radical-induced deterioration of the skin’s natural fatty acids.

Our synergistic formulas encourage harmony and cell regeneration deep within the skin’s layers. Rich emollient oils and waxes give extra protection to the surface layer of the skin. Help relieve dry skin with our dry skin moisturizers.

"I was recollecting, with friends at a New Year's gathering, all the things for which I am grateful from the previous year. SkinDance Face Moisturizer was one of the top on my list. My skin looks perfectly balanced, supple, smooth, and really has never looked so good. Thank you, Starflower!" Lorie Abraham, Professional Quarters, Ontario, Oregon


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