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2 oz.
Organic Moringa Omega Rich Oil
moringa leaf infused in moringa oil

Moringa Oil, from the seed of the Moringa oleifera tree, is nutrient rich containing all eight essential amino acids and about 72% oleic acid. With its large vitamin A and vitamin E components and deep penetrative ability, it acts as nature's retinoid to help reduce lines, wrinkles, inflammation, and encourage healthy cell regeneration. For added potency, Starflower Moringa Oil is infused with Moringa leaf for more nutrient rich content and chlorophyll.

With one of the most powerful combinations of antioxidant compounds found in nature, the seeds of the Moringa tree are frequently used to purify drinking water. As more than 75% of our skin is made up of water, the deep detoxification provided by Moringa oil long-lasting and revitalizing. Moringa oil was so highly regarded by the ancient Egyptians that royalty were buried with vials of it to maintain their youth in the afterlife.

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