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Moringa is infused with a synergized blend of organic herbs and regenerative extracts to keep your hair healthy and thriving. Moringa leaf will add nutrients to the root and scalp, stimulating hair follicles thus promoting new hair growth and improving texture of the hair. The antioxidants present in the Moringa help to neutralize free radicals produced during the oxidation process. Our gentle formula will protect your hair color even after chemical processing, hard water or sun damage. It also prevents premature graying of the hair and dandruff. 

   Crystal Body Bath Scrub - 
Exfoliant Moisturizer for Body


Crystal Body Scrub is an ideal way of detoxing and exfoliating the body while absorbing the finest, raw crystalline mineral salts and raw coconut oil, along with raw Himalayan crystal salt has small molecules for easy absorption and is anti-bacterial and food grade. Leaves the skin feeling and looking silky smooth and moisturized.


Native to the Southern foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, the Moringa Tree grows easily in Southwest Asia, Africa, and South and Central America. Moringa has been celebrated as a cure for malnutrition containing:

9x the protein of Yogurt
1/2 the Vitamin C of Oranges
30x the Vitamin A of carrots
17x the Calcium of Milk
15x the Potassium of Bananas
25x the Iron of Spinach

The anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-cancer and anti-aging properties of the Moringa leaf are suggested to be powerfully beneficial in helping to prevent and manage a number of illnesses. Research supports the effectiveness of Moringa in supporting the treatment of arthritis, gastric disorders, infections, immune disorders, parasites, and nervous disorders. More empirical research on the benefits and uses of Moringa is appearing rapidly from the medical community.

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Moringa Capsules
Moringa Capsules
Price: $19.60
Moringa Powder
Moringa Powder
Price: $29.60


90 count, 500mg
Brown Seaweed Capsules

Brown Seaweed is perhaps nature's finest antibiotic containing organic, living iodine as well as several unique alginates that cleanse and detoxify the body.

Cold processing insures that these vegetarian Brown Seaweed capsules retain their medicinal qualities. Iodine and alginates in Brown Seaweed assist in thyroid regulation, heavy metal detoxification, obesity and heart health, and destruction of cancer cells. The unique alginates in Brown Seaweed are not found in blue and green algaes, and are not broken down by bile. This means that after the alginates absorb harmful toxins, they sweep them away as they are excreted by the body.


14 fl oz
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Extra virgin, non-hydrogenated coconut oil provides nutritional fuel quickly with fatty acids that have no opportunity to stored as fat by the body.

While carbohydrates provide quick energy, they also require the body to secrete insulin from the pancreas to be broken down before they can be used by cells. As we age, we often become more and more insulin resistant, and the carbohydrates not broken down by insulin are stored as fat. The fatty acids in coconut oil are immediately ready for use by the cell without the opportunity to be stored as fat.

This coconut oil is processed within 90 minutes of opening for optimum potency. Among other benefits, coconut oil also contains a special protein - a prime ingredient in Mother's Milk - that is known to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-parasitic qualities.

Fine organic coconut oil can be added by the tablespoon to beverages, or used as a replacement for other traditional cooking oils.


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