Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to create and provide healthy, effective skin care and wellness products designed to improve the skin and enhance holistic health, as well as improve the overall lifestyles of our clients by example and education.

Our company philosophy:
We know that our company is only as strong as the thoughts and actions of the excellent people who run it. To instill loyalty, creativity and productivity our company aspires to profit share with our employees who exhibit long standing loyalty and productivity.  

Organic, Food Grade Skin Care is Better

Did you know that there is a profound difference between organic, food-grade ingredients and cosmetic-grade cosmeceuticals?

Organically grown plants and oils, processed for food consumption, are holistic by nature, and their minimal processing allows their substance integrity (literally, "the heart of the matter") to remain intact and vital. These substances better nourish and absorb into the skin than cosmetic-grade ingredients because their molecular structure has not been disturbed and hardened through high-temperature refining, bleaching, decolorization, standardization and other processes.

Many cosmetic-grade ingredients do undergo these vitality-stripping processes. This kind of processing results in a devitalized substance that is not optimal for the skin. Instead, the substances are less expensive and have longer shelf lives -- essential features when mass-market saturation is the driving force behind their manufacture.

Starflower Essentials assures skin vitality and natural beauty. At the heart of Starflower's preparations are rare extracts of organically grown or wild-crafted medicinal plants, food-grade plant oils and waxes, flower waters, aloe vera, rare essential oils and a myriad of other special ingredients, chosen for their harmonizing effect on the skin.

Our formulas are produced in small, frequent batches to deliver potency* and freshness to you, the conscious consumer, whose skin knows and shows the difference! Remember, the most vital skin care in the world is food grade.

* Starflower products have an average shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacture, and they retain a healthy vitality quotient for 8 months once they are opened.



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