BioDynamic SPF22 Sun Creme


4 ounces.
SPF22 protection for all skin types

Luxurious and vital are keywords to describe this fabulous sun creme!

 Biodynamic means grown organically; planted according to moon, planet, and star configurations; and composted using alchemical, homeopatheic remedies to heal and vitalize the soil. 

All of the ingredients in this formula not only protect your skin from the sun, but also work holistically to vitalize and strengthen your skin with precious herbs and oils not found in typical sunscreens.

Key Ingredients: Organic rose and lavender water; organic aloe vera juice; purified water; organic cold pressed coconut, olive, almond oil; bio-dynamically grown and wild harvested herbs of calendula, elder, hollyhock, rose petals, self heal, chickweed, lavender; organic herbs of echinacea, burdock, astragulus; natural titanium dioxide (non micronized); natural zinc oxide; organic beeswax; organic Vitamin E; rosemary seed extract; beta carotene; organic essential oils of lavender, frankincense, myrrh.
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Price: $49.50

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