Ayate Exfoliating WashCloth

This organic agave fiber exfoliating cloth is a great companion to Starflower's bath products.

'Magical' Results

An excellent organic body exfoliator, this "magical" cloth swells up and softens when placed in water. People who use it in the bath or shower comment on it's effectiveness without it being abrasive on the skin. These cloths never accumulate soap scum, are mildew resistant and work very well with our gourmet cleansing bars.

About Ayate

The fibers come from the Maguey (agave) tree and are hand woven by indigenous Indians in Mexico. This practice dates back tens of thousands of years - its effectiveness is proven by its sheer longevity! Try it and you'll see why the fibers of the Maguey tree truly are 'magical'!

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